Sophie Kahn (梁劉柔芬·卡恩)

24 11 2011

Born in London and grew up in Melbourne, Australia, Sophie Kahn trained as a photographer and later expanded her study to animation, 3d imaging and digital sculpture. Sophie’s work engages the role of the image in the expanded field of post-photographic imaging. Her creative use of the novel technology of 3d scanning and 3d printing to capture the living body produces a fragility that exists between that of the living in constant flux and the mortuary stillness.

Laura: RGB, 3d printed epoxy resin, plaster and cyanoacrylate, life-size

Dominick, black ABS acrylic (from 3d laser scan)

Laura, ABS acrylic rapid prototype, 2011, life-size

Head of a Young Woman, bronze (from 3d laser scan and wax stereolithograph), life-size

Cemile, Archival chromogenic print (from 3d laser scan), 24″ x 30″

Sophie has also been employed by the Royal Children’s Hospital, where she conducted research into 3d medical imaging. She currently resides and works in New York City as a teaching artist.

Check out Sophie Kahn’s website for more!

[images via shapeways]

[artist bio via MoMA PS1]



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