First Nose (鼻子)

27 09 2010

My classmate Lindsay and I made our first nose in the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic to test the integrity of a chipped mold.


The surface of the plaster mold was painted with two coats of separating agent with a paintbrush. A fast-set silicone was weighed and placed on a piece of glass for intrinsic coloring, where the color agents are mixed into the material itself. Primary colors were added until the color resembled a skin tone. Flocking, short colored fibers were added for a subtle color change and to mimic vasculature. The silicone was collected back into a small container and a catalyst, 10% of silicone’s weight, was added and mixed well. The catalyzed mixture was then placed back on the piece of glass and spread thinly for air removal with a spatula. Afterwards, the mold was filled the mixture and pressed tightly. It was cured in an oven and was magically retrieved when we returned a week later.




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